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WAKAKI is currently located and operational at Marine Country Club and Raffles Marina Club
Boating activites offers a very exciting spectrum of lifestyle to businessman, professional or retires living in our very crowded and busy city.  By taking part in our activites, one can relieve stress accumlated during the busy working days and return to work after the activites with a fully recharged mind and body.  How nice it is to enjoy the great scenery of nature when boating with friends and/or family.
We provide boat leasing and chartering services. We offer boat lovers the opportunity to enjoy and sharing our passion for boating with privacy.  Leasing boat for fishing and outdoor activities has not only enriched our lifestyle but also helped us to do away with the hassle of owning an asset that is difficult to keep with proper maintenance. For self driven boat leasing, users can gain valuable experience in boating so as to keep the license valid without the trouble of commitment in buying one boat.  For people without licence, leasing with operator is an alternative option.  We can provide schemes for training, party, leisure sight seeing, sea trial etc meeting the different needs of our customers.
We hope you will find our activites exciting and useful to meet your expectation.  Our focus is on providing high quality services and achieving great customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
See you and cheers!


  • Mr Ng Thank you Alan! for being so accommodating and generous to us. We had a really great time. Hope to bring more of my foreigner friends on board next time. 
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